August 21, 2014

Knowing your audience

Cambodia's former territory of Kampuchea Krom or Lower [Southern] Cambodia is shown in white [Reproduced].

School of Vice: Rewriting Khmer Krom history is Hanoi's best hope of holding onto its ill-gotten gains in today's 21st century world. Acknowledging the truth of that history would be tantamount to confessing to the reality of the historical crime!

Wed, 20 August 2014 ppp
Kevin Ponniah and Vong Sokheng

A day after National Assembly president Heng Samrin assured Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in Hanoi that the government would take strict measures to quell further “extremist” Khmer Krom protests, Foreign Minister Hor Namhong reportedly told demonstration leaders yesterday that the government shared their concerns.

Observers have said the differing statements highlight attempts by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party to walk a diplomatic tightrope by distancing itself from widespread ire towards Vietnam, while at the same time avoiding giving offence to the party’s historical partner.

According to the leaders of groups invited to a private meeting at Namhong’s office yesterday afternoon, the foreign minister asked activists to postpone protests outside the Vietnamese Embassy – which occurred for three consecutive days last week – in order to allow time for a solution to be found.

Namhong said that although the government had passed petitions on to Vietnam on behalf of demonstrators, it was still waiting for a response, the activists said.

But according to Sok Sothea of the Khmer Youth Alliance for Democracy, the minister had also agreed with protesters that Vietnam “could not change history”.

Students, monks and Khmer Krom activists have been calling on an embassy spokesman to apologise for saying Vietnam had enjoyed sovereignty over the former Kampuchea Krom provinces in what is now lower Vietnam long before they were ceded by the French in 1949.

Demonstrators burned a flag during a protest outside the embassy last week, earning a swift rebuke from the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, which called on Phnom Penh to take action to stop the “perverse” behaviour.

Hanoi and its many hired hands will continue to discredit, through literary distortions of historical facts and half-truths, not only the Khmer Krom community's inevitable demand for self-determination and growing nationalism, but also the inherent Cambodian/Khmer nationalism and awakening as such that have been indisputable by-products and borne of Vietnam's wanton territorial ambitions and disregard for the identity and right to existence of smaller neighbouring states. In this whitewashing effort, the horrors and atrocities committed during the Lon Nol and Pol Pot eras will always be cited in isolation as concrete evidence of an unacceptable Cambodian nationalist movement and 'extremism' while deliberately or conveniently failing to account for the legitimate factors and forces that have been fueling these feelings over the last three to four hundred years or so - School of Vice  

After four years, Water Festival set to return

Boats battle it out during the 2010 Water Festival in Phnom Penh. The festival is set to return this November after three consecutive cancellations. Sreng Meng Srun

Wed, 20 August 2014 ppp
Mom Kunthear

Cambodia's Water Festival is to return to the capital this year for the first time since 2010, when a stampede on a bridge packed with revellers killed more than 350 people.

Officials announced yesterday that the traditional event, which marks the end of the rainy season and the reversing course of the Tonle Sap, will be held over three days in early November.

“Our country will celebrate the Water Festival as normal, the way we always have in front of the Royal Palace for three days, November 5, 6 and 7,” said Pean Cham Roeun, an official with the National and International Festivals Committee.

As for the question that is on everyone’s mind – why now? – Cham Roeun was in the dark: “I can’t answer why the festival is allowed to happen this year, because I am not aware either,” he said.

With its longboat races, colourful atmosphere and the presence of royalty, the Water Festival has long attracted packed crowds to the city, creating a shoulder-to-shoulder party that can number more than a million people.

Temple may be heritage site

Sambor Prei Kuk temple, seen here in 2011, is being put forth for consideration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. DON WEINLAND

Wed, 20 August 2014
Chhay Channyda

Sambor Prei Kuk, the seventh-century temple of the pre-Angkorian Chenla Kingdom built by Isanavarman I, is to be submitted for consideration as a World Heritage Site to UNESCO.

The announcement came yesterday at a seminar on research and conservation on the temple complex, the most important religious centre of the pre-Angkorian era and now located in a quiet patch of forest in Kampong Thom province.

According to Minister of Culture Phoeurng Sackona, up to 80 per cent of the documents for the proposal have already been prepared and will be finished soon.

“The documents will be completed by the end of 2014 and hopefully will be sent to UNESCO in Paris,” she said. “It’s expected to be listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the future.”

The Ministry of Culture first conducted research on the temples in 1998 and work on a conservation plan was started in 2001 in collaboration with Japan’s Waseda University, an effort that will continue until 2017, said Prak Sonnara, director-general of cultural heritage at the ministry.

“Currently, about 13 clay temples have been repaired,” Sonnara said.

“They emerge from the jungle with people living in them. So at this site, nature, temples and people live together,” he said. “It has outstanding, universal value.”

Term limits for PM proposed [There should be no term limits for him after conviction by ICC]

Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has been in office since 1985, addresses an audience at the Peace Palace on Monday. Heng Chivoan

Wed, 20 August 2014 ppp
Meas Sokchea

Civil society representatives said they will petition parliament in the coming days to consider amending the constitution to limit prime ministers to two terms in office.

Speaking at a roundtable discussion organised by election monitor Comfrel yesterday, political analyst Kem Ley said having no restrictions on terms in office would lead to more corruption.

“Being in office for a long time can create more nepotism, corruption and an absolutist regime,” he said. “When there is an autocratic regime the leader has the power and desire to topple groups who want to protest and express themselves.

“If we cannot restrict the prime minister’s term we will need to campaign and tell people not to support him.”

The discussion, which included speakers from Comfrel, the Cambodian Defenders Project, and Gender and Development Cambodia, centred on amending Article 119 of the constitution to add a clause limiting the prime minister’s term of office to a maximum of 10 years.

Political analyst Sok Touch echoed Ley’s comments.

“Prime Minister [Hun Sen] is bigger than the constitution because he can change the constitution and can create a new one,” he said.

August 20, 2014

Mu Sochua: In Battambang with Cambodian / French medical team

Government asked to take actions against irresponsible spokesmen

The Cambodia Herald19-Aug-14

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Ouk Kimseng, consultant of Ministry of Information, asked the Cambodian government on Tuesday to take actions and reconsider the post of some ministries’ spokesmen who never answer the reporters’ questions over their own ministry affairs.

The government leaders should reconsider and find other people who like the post as information officials to replace those who never answer reporters' questions, Kimseng said.

Kimseng, also deputy director general of Agence Kampuchea Presse (AKP) said during a workshop on how to work effectively as a spokesman.

Husband and wife commit suicide

The Cambodia Herald, August 20, 2014

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- A man and woman, who were husband and wife, committed suicide Tuesday in Kandal province. Cause of the death was not known yet.

Thai Sophany, 52, was found hanging himself on a tree behind his house in Dey Ith commune in Kien Svay district while his wife, Kong Vanna, was found dead in the house, local police confirmed.

Ni Seiha, 27, daughter of the victims, told police that a day before the suicide, her father gave her a mobile phone, USD 400,  a ring, and a necklace, and when she asked “where you go?”, her father replied that he would go to Koh Kong province.

Seiha said her father went to sleep after telling her at around 3:30 pm that he would go to Koh Kong in the morning.

She said that in the morning at about six o'clock she woke up her mother, but found out that her mother had already died. After that she went to the neighbors’ houses to find her father, and also found him hanging himself.

នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ហ៊ុន សែន ព្រមានដកហូតតំណែងចៅហ្វាយខេត្តក្រចេះ និងមន្ត្រីពាក់ព័ន្ធរឿងមិនដោះស្រាយដីធ្លីជូនប្រជាពលរដ្ឋស្រុកស្នួលខេត្តក្រចេះ


Golden memories...សុវណ្ណអនុស្សារ

'May I dedicate below to School of Vice as the weekend nears please?

Miss you all so much...beyond words...!'

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Candy Dulfer & Dave Stewart - Lily Was Here [Full HD]


Who says KI Media is boring?! [This is not part of GM selection...]

Suspect dead after officer-involved shooting in St. Louis

By Polly Mosendz, Wire, August 19, 2014

At a time when tensions between police and civilians are at an all-time high, and scrutiny of police tactics has never been greater, police in St. Louis shot and killed a man on Tuesday, just miles from where Michael Brown died. This incident involved a St. Louis Police Department officer, where as Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson Police Department officer.

The incident occurred outside of a 5-Star Market just before 1:00 p.m. local time today. According to police, the man was attempting to rob the convenience store and was wielding a knife. The store owner argued with the man and when police arrived, he refused to let go of the knife. He then threatened two officers who fired on the suspect, killing him.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. No police officers were injured during the incident.


Thach Setha leads a delegation to meet with DPM and FAIC Minister Hor Namhong

មេដឹកនាំ​ខ្មែរក្រោម ​ប្រធាន​សហគមន៍​ខ្មែរ​កម្ពុជាក្រោម ​និងជាអតីត​សមាជិកព្រឹទ្ធសភា ឯកឧត្តម ​ថាច់​ សេដ្ឋា​ ដឹកនាំ​គណៈប្រតិភូ​ ជួបសវនការជាមួយឧបនាយករដ្ឋមន្រ្តី រដ្ឋមន្រ្តី ក្រសួងការបរទេសនិងសហប្រតិបត្តិការអន្តរជាតិ ឯកឧត្តម ហោ ណាំហុង នាល្ងាចថ្ងៃទី១៩ ខែសីហា ព.ស.២៥៥៨ គ.ស.២០១៤

Khmer Krom leader, KKC president and former Senator Thach Setha leads a delegation to meet with DPM and FAIC Minister Hor Namhong on petition to summon Vietnam's ambassador to provide clarification on Kampuchea Krom at the Ministry

Hor 5 Hong calls for a halt to anti-VN embassy protest [Surprise, surprise]

លោក ហោ ណាំហុង សំណូមពរឲ្យផ្អាកការធ្វើបាតុកម្មប្រឆាំងទូតវៀតណាម

News on Hun Manet

New NA Leadership for 2014 -2018?

New NA Leadership President Heng Samrin
1st VP Kem Sokha (Role undefined?)
2nd VP Nguon Nhel  (Role undefined?)

1. Committee # 1 NA & Senate Relations: Eng Chhai Eang, Chair
2. Committee # 2 Finance: Cheam Yeap, Chair, Son Chhai, Vice Chair
3. Committee # 3 Agriculture: Pol Ham, Chair
4. Committee # 4 Defense: Hun Nene, Chai, Long Ry, Vice Chair
5. Committee # 5 Foreign Affairs: Chheang Vun, Chair
6. Committee # 6 Legislation: Pen Panha, Chair, Ou Chanrith, Vice Chair
7. Committee # 7 Education & Religion: Yem Ponhearith, Chair
8. Committee # 8 Health & Social Welfare: Mu Sochua, Chair
9. Committee # 9 Public Works: Nin Saphon, Chair, Mao Monyvann, Vice Chair
10. Committee # 10 Anti-Corruption: Yim Sovann, Chair

Hun Sen Brings Back the Smile

Hun Sen Brings Back the Smile

“We must solve this problem; we cannot let failed students miss the opportunity. Therefore, in accordance with the ministry’s preparation, I think there will be a second exam within one or one and half month – and I support this second exam. [If the minister] asks for my opinion, I will support it. This means those who fail the first time will be allowed to sit in the second exam the ministry is to organise.”

Premier Hun Sen, 11 August 2014, Radio France Internationale

“If 80,000 students don't make it to university, the total revenue forgone is $24,000,000 for the whole higher education industry. So the university owners are likely to do "something" to protect their vested interest.”

Economist Chan Sophal, 12 August 2014, Campro Network

It is fascinating to observe how fast education minister Hang Choun Naron moves to appease the premier who only gives a subtle hint of a Bac II retest. The reaction is swift; within hours, the minister announces the retest within the timeframe to which the premier refers – one to one and half month. Hang Choun Naron goes a step further as if he is making up for his shortcoming: the ministry will provide tutorials free of charge to those who care to resit. It is a case of when Hun Sen whispering, "jump", others respond, "how high?"

Such display of awesome power ought to distress those who are dreaming of building strong government institutions to replace the current autocratic type that they see provides no future for Cambodia. A constant and favourite consolation for them is a romantic notion that changes take time, and that everyone is young enough to wait for a natural demise of the autocracy. The wait may be futile, however. The premier claims without him in charge, the country will then be thrown into another chaos; some say he will make sure of that, and he is capable of that too.

News - The Phnom Penh Post


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Noodles at Russian Market, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

School of Vice: Eat to live? You will be charged for watching this video!

PS: Free for those who live to eat...

Press release from Hun Many


ទីតាំងដីមានជម្លោះដែលក្រុមនិស្សិតតេជោវាស់ដីឲប្រជាពលរដ្ឋស្រុកស្នួលខេត្តក្រចេះរួចរាល់ហើយតែក្រោយមកបែរជាដកហូតយកទៅវិញ ។

Ly Diep document


អ្នក​ភូមិ​ឡពាង​ប្ដេជ្ញា​ស្នាក់​នៅ និង​តវ៉ា​នៅ​ភ្នំពេញ

Key Phnom Penh posting suggests Australia's asylum seeker deal with Cambodia is almost done [White man's burden - shifted]

This 87-year-old lady committed suicide because she was ill and could not afford to consult a doctor. More importantly she did not want her children, who are extremely poor, to incur any expense because of her. 
This tragedy vindicates the CNRP political platform, which includes:
- A monthly allowance of 40,000 riels ($10 as a start) to the elderly, and
- Free health care for the poorest segment of the population - Sam Rainsy

School of Vice: Of all the countries in Asia, Australia couldn't have chosen a more nightmarish place to send vulnerable refugees to! And she knows that. Shame on Canberra.

August 18, 2014
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Ben Doherty and David Wroe

Australia has reportedly installed a key immigration bureaucrat in its Phnom Penh embassy as the government prepares to send up to 1000 asylum seekers in its care on Nauru to Cambodia.

Greg Kelly, who formerly headed the detention operations division of the Immigration Department and managed the regional office of the Bali Process on people smuggling, has taken up a position as counsellor in the Phnom Penh embassy, sources in Cambodia have told Fairfax Media.

Australia’s Ambassador for People Smuggling Issues, Craig Chittick, is expected in the country within days, fuelling rumours a deal is almost complete.
The Australian and Cambodian governments remain in secret negotiations over the arrangement.

It is not known under what conditions refugees will be sent to Cambodia, nor how much the government will pay the south-east Asian country for its assistance, although the figure of $40 million has been widely reported in both countries.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's office referred questions about Mr Kelly's appointment to Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, whose spokeswoman said there had been no recent developments regarding the Cambodia deal.

"The government is continuing its discussions on these issues and welcomes the receptive and positive response from Cambodia that has been provided to date," she said.

Government bureaucrats of both Cambodia and Australia have been briefing United Nations officials on the "general principles" of the proposed deal.

"But we have not seen any of the details," Vivian Tan, a spokeswoman for the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, told Fairfax Media from Bangkok.

"We are concerned about some of the principles involved.

"Essentially this agreement involves recognised refugees being transferred from Australia, a convention country, to another country where they may not be able to enjoy all of their fundamental rights, but until we see the detail it's very hard to comment on this proposed arrangement."

The UN has said the deal is between Cambodia and Australia, and the UN would have no input into the agreement nor oversight of it.

Sources in Cambodia say the government will meet UN officials again next week.

The UNHCR office in Phnom Penh was downsized last year from 10 staff members to two, and more responsibility was handed to the Cambodian government-run Refugee Office.

August 19, 2014

Vietnam PM asks Cambodia to discourage anti-Vietnamese nationalism - Same, same marching order to shameless puppets

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung (R) receives Heng Samrin, president of the Cambodian National Assembly, in Hanoi on August 18. Photo credit: VNA

'He expressed his wish that the Cambodian parliament help resolve the legal status of the Vietnamese community in Cambodia and help them assimilate into Cambodian society.'

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 Thanh Nien News

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung asked the Cambodian government on Monday to discourage the kind of anti-Vietnamese nationalism that led to this month's illegal demonstration and flag burning incident.

He made the statement while receiving Heng Samrin, president of the Cambodian National Assembly, in Hanoi.

He was referring to an incident in which Khmer Kampuchea Krom extremists conducted gathered illegally to demonstrate and burn a Vietnamese flag in Phnom Penh on August 12.

He asked the Cambodian government to take measures to prevent similar acts in the future.

Samrin said the government of Cambodia regretted the incident and said it was perpetrated by a small group of extremists who were provoked by individuals who suffer a warped sense of history.

He added that he and the Cambodian parliament were displeased with the action and have since taken strict measures to prevent similar actions from recurring in the future.

PM Dung said Vietnam will continue to work with Cambodia to further develop bilateral ties and further the interests of both peoples.

Dung told Samrin his visit marked an important milestone in the "good neighborliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation and enduring long-term relationship" between the two nations, according to a brief posted on a website maintained by the government of Vietnam.

He said he was glad to see bilateral ties thriving in all areas and confirmed that Vietnam always strives to cooperate with Cambodia in promoting peace, stability and prosperity in the ASEAN bloc.

The Prime Minister urged the Cambodian speaker and parliament to continue their support for a land planning and demarcation project between the two countries in order to complete the process soon.

Warped sense of history? A recent wave of violent anti-China riots in Vietnam over the South China Sea dispute had seen several Chinese nationals [including some from outside mainland China] killed and wounded [along with substantial damages done to several Chinese owned businesses] with the victims claiming their desperate calls for local police help met with a wall of silence. Many of these Chinese nationals fled across the border into Cambodia to escape the ethnic violence and receive medical support there - School of Vice [Image reproduced]

Ms Tep Vanny on Lor Peang villagers' plight: I feel ashamed our country has a PM like Hun Sen...

Lor Peang villagers receiving financial support from overseas Khmers

Relatives of prisoners denied visit access

Adhoc press conference 19 Aug 2014 [Deny, deny, deny..]

Thanks Alejandro Gonzalez Davidson [From Kin Chandara]

Koh Tral

Land dispute victims hold press conference 19th Aug 2014

The buck stops elsewhere [Goodness me! Where has he been all these years? Who signed all these ELC agreements?]

Tue, 19 August 2014 ppp
Vong Sokheng and Kevin Ponniah

Protesters from Kratie displaying images of Hun Sen and his wife, Bun Rany, are confronted by security forces on the way to the prime minister’s house yesterday. Pha Lina

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday sought to distance himself from the land dispute epidemic plaguing Cambodia, professing complete ignorance of many of the cases and placing the onus primarily on provincial-level officials.

Warning ministers, provincial governors and other officials that he has “no patience” left, the premier went so far as to suggest that if they don’t provide speedy resolutions, they should leave their posts.

The reprimand comes as villagers from Snuol district in Kratie and Lor Peang village in Kampong Chhnang have travelled to Phnom Penh in recent weeks to seek resolutions to their disputes, with the Snuol families being violently halted by authorities as they tried to march on the premier’s house just yesterday.

These groups have followed the well-trod path of many who came to the capital to appeal directly to the prime minister – the one person they believe can help them in land battles with private firms, a large number of which, the opposition was quick to point out, are directly linked to ruling party politicians or their families.

But yesterday, the premier said his government’s officials in the provinces are simply “not listening or understanding” what needs to be done.

“If I was in an opposition party, I too would oppose [the government on land issues]. The opposition was not just protesting [without reason]. Look at villagers who have been settled for many years on land where [they] are now not allowed to live but investment is allowed,” he told an audience of diplomats, ministers, provincial governors and other high-ranking officials at the Peace Palace.

“I am sorry, but this matter of land disputes is happening again and again.”

If economic land concessions overlap with land where villagers are residing, he added, the people living there, and not the firms, should be given priority.

Capital clash sees 10 injured

Villagers from Snuol district in Kratie province clash with authorities in Phnom Penh over a land dispute. Hong Menea

Tue, 19 August 2014 ppp
Pech Sotheary

At least 10 people, one a 4-year-old child, were injured in a clash in the capital yesterday when security forces used electric batons to disperse about 300 villagers from Kratie province embroiled in a land dispute with a South Korean agribusiness.

The villagers, from Kratie’s Snuol district, set out on a march at about 7am from the Samaki Rainsy pagoda, where they have been living for the past month, to the National Assembly, where they intended to submit a petition to lawmakers.

Out Seanghai, a villager taking part in the march, called on lawmakers to accept the petition. “Please, lawmakers, help us solve this land dispute, which has been going on since the provincial authorities grabbed our land,” she said.

After waiting for almost two hours, three opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party lawmakers came out to receive the petition. No ruling Cambodian People’s Party members followed suit.

The villagers then headed towards Prime Minister Hun Sen’s house, but were met by more than 100 mixed security forces before they reached the mansion on Suramarit Boulevard.

Vietnam, Cambodia beef up legislative cooperation

NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung (R) and Cambodian
counterpart Heng Samrin
VOV, August 18, 2014 

The agreement was reached at a welcoming reception on August 18 in Hanoi hosted by Nguyen Sinh Hung for visiting Cambodian NA President Heng Samrin, who is leading a high-ranking Cambodian NA delegation on an official visit to Vietnam from August 18-20.

(VOV) -Vietnam and Cambodia have agreed to boost comprehensive cooperation aimed at maintaining peace, political stability and enhancing the prestige of the National Assembly (NA) of each country on the world stage.

Hung highlighted the significance of the Vietnam visit by Cambodian guests after the two countries celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Southwest border defence war victory that wiped out invaders and helped Cambodia overthrow the genocide regime on in 1979.

The visit shows the special sentiments of the Cambodian NA and people towards Vietnam, representing a milestone in fostering the time-honoured friendship, cooperation and solidarity between the two countries, he stated.

The Vietnamese top legislator praise Cambodia’s political and economic achievements and vowed to assist Cambodia in overcoming difficulties and challenges caused by hostile forces.

Hung stressed the need to reinforce solidarity between Vietnam and Cambodia to protect their achievements and provide mutual support for further development. He also pledged the Vietnam NA and people’s support for Cambodia’s party guidelines in promoting peace, national unification, independence, and development.

For his part, the Cambodian NA President expressed his wish to continue forging bilateral cooperation, especially in trade to lift the two-way trade turnover to over the current US$2.5 billion.

«អរគុណអាញ៉ឺង» ដោយ​អ៊ុម ហាក់

Personal data belonging to 4.5MILLION American hospital patients stolen in cyber attack by Chinese


Community Health Systems Inc., one of the biggest U.S. hospital groups, said on Monday it was the victim of a cyber attack from China, resulting in the theft of Social Security numbers and other personal data belonging to 4.5million patients.

That would make the attack the largest of its type involving patient information since a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website started tracking such breaches in 2009. The previous record, an attack on a Montana Department of Public Health server, was disclosed in June and affected about 1 million people.

The attackers appear to be from a sophisticated hacking group in China that has breached other major U.S. companies across several industries, said Charles Carmakal, managing director with FireEye Inc's (FEYE.O) Mandiant forensics unit, which led the investigation of the attack on Community Health in April and June.

Paris Peace Agreement 10/23/1991

By Chou Leang Hak


From Google this link Paris Peace Agreements Concerning the Sovereignty provides us a vital information that suggests the Hun Sen administration can undertake the must do task "To TERMINATE treaties and agreements which are incompatible with its sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability, neutrality, and national unity". This quoted information that I'm giving you can be acquired from the link above by clicking on  Agreement concerning the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability, neutrality and national unity of Cambodia and read Article 1, section 2d.

យោងតាមសន្ធិសញ្ញាសន្តិភាពក្រុងប៉ារីសខាងលើ, ដែលមានសមាជិក២១ប្រទេស ជាហត្ថលេខីដឹងឮក្នុងរឿងនេះ, កម្ពុជាមាន
សិទ្ធិពេញលេញ នឹងលុបចោលសន្ធិសញ្ញា និងការព្រមព្រៀងទាំងឡាយណា ដែលមិនចុះសម្រុងនឹងអធិបតេយ្យភាព, ឯករាជ្យ,
បូរណភាពទឹកដី, ដែលគេមិនអាចរំលោភបំពានបាន, រួមទាំងអព្យាក្រឹតភាព និងសាមគ្គីភាព របស់ខ្មែរ។

ដូច្នេះយើងឃើញថា សន្ធិសញ្ញាអាក្រក់ទាំងឡាយណាដែលបានធ្វើឡើង រវាងរដ្ឋាភិបាលទាំងពីរ ខ្មែរ-យួន ក្នុងអំឡុងពេលយួន កាន់កាប់ប្រទេសកម្ពុជាជាង១០ឆ្នាំនោះ  ហើយដែលបណ្តាលឱ្យមានការ រំលោភលើបូរណភាពទឹកដីខ្មែរ ពេលនេះ, យោងតាម សន្ធិសញ្ញាសន្តិភាពក្រុងប៉ារីស,  រដ្ឋាភិបាលខ្មែរមានកាតព្វកិច្ចនិងទទួលបន្ទុក  ក្នុងការលុបចោលសន្ធិសញ្ញាអាក្រក់ទាំងនោះ។

អាថ៌កំបាំង, បើមានពិតប្រាកដមែន, ត្រូវតែទម្លាយឱ្យប្រជាជនខ្មែរគ្រប់គ្នាបានដឹងយល់  ថាហេតុអ្វី បានជារដ្ឋាភិបាលហ៊ុនសែន
ចុះហត្ថលេខា លើសន្ធិសញ្ញាទាំងឡាយណា  ដែលធ្វើឱ្យខូចខាតបូរណភាពទឹកដីខ្មែរ? ហើយចាប់តាំងពីពេលគេចេញប្រកាស
សន្ធិសញ្ញាសន្តិភាពក្រុងប៉ារីសចុះថ្ងៃ២៣តុលា១៩៩១ ដែលជួយឱ្យខ្មែរអាចលុបចោលបាន នូវសន្ធិសញ្ញាគាបសង្កត់ណាមួយ
ពីរដ្ឋាភិបាលយួន ហេតុអ្វីបានជារដ្ឋាភិបាលហ៊ុនសែន មិនរវីរវល់ហើយផាត់ចោល(ឱកាសល្អ)នេះ មិនព្រមប្រកាសលុបចោល
សន្ធិសញ្ញាខ្មែរ-យួនដែលរំលោភលើបូរណភាពទឹកដីខ្មែរ?  ពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរទាំងលាននាក់ ជាម្ចាស់ទឹកដីនៃរដ្ឋកម្ពុជា។ ហើយពួកគេ
មានសិទ្ធិ នឹងដឹងយល់ពីកិច្ចការនៃរដ្ឋាភិបាលរបស់ខ្លួន  ចំពោះការថែរក្សាឱ្យគង់វង់នូវកេរ្តិ៍មរតកជាតិ  ដែលជាអាយុជីវិតពួកគេ
បន្តវេនដោយកូនខ្មែរគ្រប់ៗតំណ តរៀងទៅជារហូត។



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